Mexican Train Premium Domino

Mexican Train Premium Domino

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Domino – Brettspiel erschienen bei Puremco Inc. in Englisch

Premium Edition with Color-Coded Dots

These are the thickest, largest and best dominoes available in the world, which makes for easier handling and standing on edge. They have large uniform-sized bright color coded pips. Packaged in a heavy-duty, black vinyl, ostrich-grained Leatherette case with a snap lock closure. Electronic Choo Choo train sounder, eight train markers and a free centerpiece for starting Chickenfoot© and Mexican Train® are included. Rules are included to eight popular, fun games: Moon, 42, 84, Straight Dominoes, Solitaire, Chickenfoot®, Mexican Train© and Super Dominoes©.

Domino Size: 1-3/32" x 2-3/16" x 1/2" thick.

Domino Größe: ca. 28 x 56 x 12 mm

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